USSVI Elections 2012

Call for 2012 Nominations for National and Region Elections

In accordance with the requirement of our Constitution & Bylaws, The Nominations Committee Chairman, Patrick Householder, announces this call for 2012 National Election nominations for the following offices.

  1. National Commander
  2. National Senior Vice Commander
  3. National Junior Vice Commander
  4. National Secretary
  5. National Treasurer
  6. NE Region Director
  7. SE Region Director
  8. Central Region Director
  9. Western Region Director

The nominations for the Region Director positions are included for convenience in this procedure.

Any member in good standing may nominate any other member in good standing for any elected National Office, provided that the Nominee qualification for National Office shall be in accordance with Constitution Article XI Section 1 paragraph (b) and the nomination is accompanied by a letter from the Nominee indicating his willingness to accept the nomination and willingness to serve if elected. 

The prerequisite for National Office is that

  • A Nominee must be a Regular Member in good standing a minimum of thirty consecutive months.
  • Nominees for Senior and Junior Vice-Commander must have completed at least two years as a Member of the Board of Directors. (This includes all District Commanders, past and present, who have met the two years in office requirement.)
  • Nominees for National Commander must have completed at least two years as a voting member of the Board of Directors by the time they take office as National Commander (NC).  (This includes all National Officers and the District Commander of the Year, past and present, who have met the two years as a voting member of the board requirement.)

The term of office for all National officers will be two years or until a successor is elected. 

The nomination must be received by Patrick Householder, Nomination Committee Chair on or by April 30th 2012 by email at or by mail at 25003 SE 146th St, Issaquah WA 98027.

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