Convention 2011 Review

The 2011 Springfield MO combined SVWWII-USSVI convention was a very enjoyable experience. The participation is somewhere between 500-600 attendees, and the shared sense of cameraderie has been very good.

The Holland Club breakfast, chaired by Frank Lister, started and closed with the klaxon sound of the donated USS Archerfish (AGSS 311) diving alarm, as was the Annual Business Meeting.

In the hospitality room sea stories, jokes and tall tales were flying back and forth. It is always good to see old shipmates again and, as sub sailors usually do, we pick up our conversations right where we left them off from the last time we met. I’d like to see some cribbage and Acey-Ducey tournaments in the hospitality room next convention go-around.

The SVWWII Group passed the Presidential gavel from Bud Burchell to Walter ‘Gus’ Krause, and they reaffirmed their plan for a formal organizational closure in 2012 in Norfolk at our convention there. (Their local chapters will continue to function so long as there is local interest in doing so.)

The Tolling the Boats Memorial Ceremony was very well done and well attended, with music and a piper. It also made the local evening news.

Many folks also visited shows and attractions in Branson and were not disappointed.

The annual business meeting was well attended, with approxmately 200 members in attendance. Reports were made and organizational business conducted in a fraternal atmosphere.

Base newsletter awards were presented at the ABM as was the Annual District Commander of the Year (DCOY) award. Outgoing DCOY Dick Kanning of the SE Region received recognition and kudos for his hard work this past year and helped welcome aboard our new DCOY, George Petershaugen, from the Western Region. The DCOY becomes a voting member of the national Board of Directors until the next Annual Business Meeting.

The links below will take you to a audio recording of the 2011 Springfield Mo USSVI Annual Business Meeting.





  1. Thanks for this USSVI-member blog for two-way communications.

    Convention: Who wrote 2011 convention overview? If NC, should have byline.

    Of USSVI/SVWWII total members, how many or percent attended convention in Springfield?

    Have convention attendees been surveyed as to the pluses and minuses of this convention? If so, results? (Benchmarking important for future conventions.)

    Other: Where might I find USSVI’s specific near- and long term-goals, strategies and tactics to meet these and progress reports for each goal? Looking for bulleted points.

    Again, appreciate blog’s encouragement of two-way communications.

    Nancy Yockey Bonar, USSVI life/associate, LIB; acknowleged SUBFOR family.

  2. The minutes of the Springfield Charitable Foundation meeting can be read on the link below.

  3. The minutes of the USSVI Board of Directors meeting (Pre-Annual Business Meeting) can be read by clicking on the link below.

    The minutes from the BOD meeting following the Annual Business Meeting can be read by clicking on the link below.

  4. Pictures from the 2011 Springfield Subvet Convention.

    Most of these pictures were taken by San Diego Base Commander Bob Bissonette. BZ Bob, and thanks for sharing!

    Just click on the link or copy/type it into your URL command line

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