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National Memorial Plaque in Washington DC

Shipmates, In 2010 as part of our organization-wide survey of member attitudes, the question was asked, “Should USSVI establish a memorial plaque on the Wall of Honor at the Navy Memorial “Quarterdeck of the Navy” located on Pennsylvania Avenue NW between 7th Street Northwest and 9th Street Northwest in Washington, D.C., to be dedicated in ceremony for our 2014 50th Birthday Celebration?” 

The response was overwhelmingly positive so your National Officers approved the project and established a USSVI Naval Memorial Plaque Charitable Foundation Fund, then provided  $500.00 seed money to start the design and reserve a place on the wall.

This plaque will serve as a permanent memorial in a prestigous and highly visible location to the valiant men who served and died aboard US Submarines, and indeed to all of us who earned our dolphins and honorably served aboard US Submarines.

50th Anniversary USSVI Plaque

USSVI is now accepting donations to place a plaque at the Naval Memorial in Washington D.C. The entire project will cost around $10,000 and the plaque will be dedicated in 2014, for the 50th anniversary of USSVI.  Some Bases, like Seattle for example, are fund-matching dollar for dollar the Base member donations up to a fixed limit, $250 in this base’s case. 

Member Donations to the fund are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. If your base is collecting funds just give your donation to your Base Treasurer and he can provide you with a receipt for your taxes.

Or, you can directly send your donation to the USSVI National Office, made payable to the USSV CF, memo’d for the Natl Memorial Plaque fund.  PO Box 3870, Silverdale WA 98363.

The National Board of USSVI has also approved fund matching on a dollar for dollar basis from our national treasury of up to $5000.00 in matching funds for base donations to this project.  We expect to exceed the needed amount and surplus funds raised will be used for other Charitable Foundation programs as needed.

Just to make it interesting, this is also a Base Challenge, with the Base that raises the most funds getting $100.00 of USSVI Store items and recognition as the top contributor for this project.

For more information about the Navy Memorial itself, visit

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  1. Nancy, As reported above, the total cost of the plaque project from the Navy Memorial is about $10,000.00. The $3,000.00 plaque they promote on their website is for a much smaller plaque meant for individuals or for individual ship commands.

    • Thanks for explanation re group/indiviual plaques. Hadn’t seen this on Navy Memorial website.

  2. What is total cost of plague? Seems awhile back memorial website listed $3,000 of which $500 was included as a deposit. Could be fuzzy memory.


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